Going backwards – Progress Report 13/5/13 1

An honestly short progress report this week. I completed my article on writing suspense fiction where I dissect the openings of two suspense-laden novels: “Gone Tomorrow” by Lee Child and “Intensity” by Dean Koontz. I am looking to guest post this somewhere if anyone is interested, otherwise I’ll just post it here.

I also completed the work on the next episode of my podcast ‘Commander’s Log’ Except I decided to add another layer of background sound. And that is when everything fell apart. The podcast file corrupted, then when it tried to repair itself it thought it best to just delete it instead.

So I am left with nothing. Damn.

I hoped to be announcing today that the podcast is live and I have started work again on the novel. Instead I am announcing none of those things. Right now I am furiously trying to get the podcast back together to launch it as soon as possible. Stay tuned and apologies for the delay. Normal service will resume as quickly as possible.

My brain hasn’t been idle during this time. I have been thinking about And Here The Wheel, mainly on things that are missing. Some things became important by the end of the novel but they weren’t foreshadowed enough in the beginning of the novel. I have been thinking about what to insert and where, the little hints adding to the overall theme of the novel. So despite my best attempts my brain won’t leave the novel alone.

Other side projects include completing another video (Click here) for the Jagged Alliance kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2079547763/jagged-alliance-flashback/comments). The kickstarter has had some slow days but had a great one yesterday, blasting past the halfway point and hopefully onwards to completion.

So sorry no great news today. Barely an updates worth. I promise to do better next week!



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One thought on “Going backwards – Progress Report 13/5/13

  • Steve Jeyes

    We all have weeks where everything seems to go wrong, or it doesn’t seem like progress is being made. The idiosyncrasies of computers are a challenge at times too. I like to take break for a day and approach with a clear head and fresh eyes. Seems to help me. Chin up.