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For everyone who suported my crowd funding campaign to the newsletter tier (or higher) you should have a copy of the newsletter in your inbox.

There have been a few new people join this group and you should have been added to the email list.  If anyone thinks they should have received the newsletter but haven’t, please get in touch and I will send it through.

In this newsletter I lay out the usual summary and story statistics, explore the history of one the locations in my novel  and I discuss heating and cooling of starships in space from an engineering point of view.

I have also included an extract from the novel and a new and original drabble (a piece of fiction exactly 100 words) starring the hero of the novel, Robert Garry.

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Thank you everyone for your support.  If you are interested in receiving the newsletter, I am still trying to raise funds to create an audiobook version of the novel.  Check out the Supporters page at the top right, choose a supporters tier and then click on the paypal link.  If you are already a supporter and would like to upgrade just pay the upgrade amount and make a note in the paypal form that you are upgrading.

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One thought on “Newsletter # 3 Out Now!

  • John Harper

    Thanks for the comment, N.

    I agree radiators don’t really fit with the geometric shapes of the elite we have seen in previous games, though what we have seen of elite dangerous, all the ships are getting new lumpy make overs.

    Most players wouldn’t even blink an eye at the thought of cooling, but it does provide some game play features if you start to run too hot during combat or run out of coolant.

    I’m an engineer and a nerd so these things interest me 🙂