Delay in Podcast 1

Hi everyone

A real short note just to say that after advertising quite a few times that the podcast would be out this week, this week ends in about two hours and I can confirm that I will FAIL to meet this goal.

Tragic, I know. . .

It’s almost there, the last few minutes need tidying up and it should be out in the next few days.

I do have an excuse though. I’ve spent two long days outside doing things that in theory will make the house more attractive to buyers. These things include:

-Removing the upstairs vegetable garden and creating a trellised bark chip area where the outdoor dining table will go, featuring indoor-outdoor flow(TM)
-painting deck bannisters to match the house (was bare wood before)
-repainting the Wendy’s House
-adding decorative tree boxes to the garden
-creating a retaining wall from bricks for the sole purpose of using up bricks and having a place to dump soil (plus look cool as well I guess)
-fix gates, concrete steps, windows, retaining walls, etc

So no podcast, but the house looks pretty damn good.

Talk to you soon.



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