CBP_27_11_13Welcome to the new website for And Here The Wheel.

Sit down, take a moment, have a look around. This is the home for the Elite novel and the Garry Clan, a band of pirates who feature quite heavily in the novel. You’ll find out the history of the clan, pirate biographies and learn about the ships that they fly.

This is their space, but they want you to join them.

I’ve started a new email group for them. They’ll be sending out a newsletter with their current plans, who they are going to attack and when as well as introduce new pirate bios. But that’s not all. The newsletter was be your portal into the Garry Clan itself.

Want to take charge? Want to dictate where the Clan goes, and how they go in battle? Well this is for you.

The newsletter will include a short piece of fiction of a Garry Clan campaign. Then the story will stop at a junction and a question will be asked. Left or right? attack or defend? Then you the loyal members of the Garry Clan can discuss and vote and once a decision is made the story will continue in the next newsletter.

This is your chance to get involved with the Clan.

If you want to show your colours proudly in public then you can also purchase Garry Clan merchandise.

Love the Clan? Want to read about them? You can pre-order the book below. But even better do you want to HEAR about the Garry Clan in audiobook? My publisher Fantastic Books are doing a kickstarter right now to make And Here The Wheel an audiobook as well as bring it out in exclusive and signed hard back version. Its easy to get involved, a one pound contribution will get you multiple ebook stories and it all grows from there. We’ve also got quite the narrative going on through the video updates. It’ll be worth your time, trust me 🙂 So check it out and if inspired, please help us reach our goal. We’re over a third of the way there but we need more help to get us home.

Thank you.


Hope you enjoy your stay. Regular Monday night updates will return next week at your new home for And Here The Wheel and the Garry Clan,


John Harper (author) and Robert Garry (Clan leader)

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