A Story Filled With Good Guys

In 'Elite:And Here The Wheel' the difference is not this clear.

In ‘Elite:And Here The Wheel’ the difference is not this clear.

I’m talking about And Here The Wheel.

Every single point of view character in my novel is THE good guy. The one doing the right thing. They are the hero. They are righting the wrongs. They are the one that is going to sort out the trash (so to speak). They are the good guys.

In THEIR heads.

You as a reader will make your own choice on who YOU think is actually a ‘good guy’ and who is a ‘bad guy’, but you wouldn’t be able to convince the characters of your deliberations.

From their point of view, “And Here The Wheel” is about them. They are the protagonist, they are the hero. In THEIR story.

I think that statement is important enough for me repeat it. “Each character is the hero of their own story”

Now the main focus of the novel may be about Robert Garry, leader of the Garry Pirate clan, but Gunn Britt-Grotenfelt has her own things going on around her. She has her own goals, her own plans, hopes, fears, demons. As she battles through the pages of the book she is on her own journey, because she is in the centre of HER story.

THIS is where conflict gold is found. The characters have their own goals. Maybe they’re doing the right things for the right reasons. Maybe they’re doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Maybe they’ve even doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Whatever they are doing, they have these goals and the other characters goals are in opposition to these goals. And here we have conflict. Boom! enjoy the tension, baby.

The kickstarter continues. Earlier this week we reached 50% funding, which we’re all pretty excited about. We completed a thunderclap this morning which sent out news about the kickstarter to nearly 200,000 people. We’re hoping that’ll invigorate things. But we can’t be complacent. We need to keep pushing, and getting the word out to everyone. Great rewards start at one pound and it just gets better from there.

Do you want “And Here The Wheel” as an audiobook with professional actors? What about a hardcover signed by me? See the flag at the bottom of this post? How about one of those full size in silk spread across your wall? Its all up for grabs in the kickstarter, so please rally your troops and send them over to THE CAMPAIGN

Please help us reach our goals.

Thank you.

Elite:Dangerous Alpha

Frontier Developments released the Alpha version of the game late last week. I sold my alpha access during my Indiegogo campaign so I haven’t had a chance to play it. I’ve watched a little bit of others playing it, but its not really the same. As a writer it would be preferable to actually play the game and see what it feels like. Do a bit of Method Acting as it were.

From the videos I haven’t seen much which causes me any concerns or makes me think ‘hmm I’d better rewrite that’. I’ve been pretty happy with everything. I talk about it more on the next podcast episode so I won’t go into it here. However, just today I’ve had an offer of receiving someone’s alpha access so that’s pretty exciting and humbling – a very generous offer, so we’ll see how that one goes. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit more research for the novel!

Commander’s Log

CoverArt Mk II

Recorded Episode 12 last night. Won’t be a very long one this one. Bit of a sum up of the year, a quick chat with my publisher Dan Grubb of Fantastic Books and a message to you the listener. It should be out later this week if everything goes to plan.

Episode 11 is still kicking around if anyone is interested. I’ve included a link below.

Podcast # 11: ‘Discourse at Veedze’

(Music courtesy of Stellardrone)

End of year house keeping

This will be the last website update for the year. I’m taking a break to spend some serious time with the family. I’ll still be online helping with the kickstarter working overtime to get that funded. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to review the Alpha version of Elite:Dangerous too.

The updates will be back in the new year, probably from mid January when I’m fully back on deck.

Standard_27_11_13Over the break I’ll also start working on the official Garry Pirate Clan newsletter for those that have signed up to be a part of the Clan. Not only do you go in the draw to win an official Garry Clan USB stick (complete with Garry Standard and Frontier Developments logo) but you’ll be helping to craft the narrative and lore of the clan itself.

It’ll be fun so sign up if you haven’t and get your share of the plunder!

See you all in the new year. Have a Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday.



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