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I've got a route to the end.  Now I just have to get there...

I’ve got a route to the end. Now I just have to get there…

Well its fair to say I’ve had the ‘balls to the wall’ the last few weeks. I’ve been screaming through my latest edit, tearing out words, rephrasing sentences, and doing everything I can to make this the most exciting fast paced read it can be. The pace is up. Its slow where it needs to be and is breathless where it needs to be. Its pumped up on adrenaline and its ready to blow your mind 🙂

Well, ok, not quite yet. There is a proof reading process to go through first. But I managed to squeeze in a catch up with Dan from Fantastic Books Publishing and get the low down on where we are going and how we are going to get there. But first, some stats:


Total Pages: 531
Current progress: Page 438
Word Count: 110,433
Kilobytes: 639kb

I’ve noticed that on this edit I’ve shortened the text MORE in the first half of the novel than the second half. I think some of this stems from the fact that the second half of the novel is pretty much snowballing all the way to the climax and is already pretty fast paced, while the first half of the novel includes the set up and the ‘wanderer’ component of the plot, which is when the protagonist makes mistakes, isn’t really sure of what he is doing and there is a bit of soul searching going on. (Compare this to the second half of the novel where the protagonist is charged with conviction, becomes the attacker, learns the final piece of information he needs (Around that 75% mark) and then charges to the finish).

Next Step

A few more days will see the edit complete and I’ll be passing the entire manuscript back to Fantastic Books. I’ll be seeing it back pretty quickly after that. While I wait I’ll be working on a few things both for the novel and Fantastic Books.

Something I am very keen to add to the novel is an appendix. Growing up I always enjoyed looking at maps, whether it was reading science fiction or fantasy books, or reading about history. I love them. I love seeing where the political boundaries were at different stages in earth’s history. I love seeing a new science fiction galaxy realised on a map. As part of my own world building in my non-Elite work I always make a Galactic map, important places, where the protagonist visits, etc. I also usually do sketches of important cities/buildings as needed for the plot, but that’s a different story.

I’m not sure what will be possible for my appendix and a lot of it is dependent on Frontier Developments but I have some big dreams. At the very least it will detail the histories of the major characters, the Garry Pirate Clan and information about some key planetary systems.

Those of you who helped us with the Kickstarter to make our audiobooks will know that we have promised some very special box sets of various types (paperback, hardback and audiobook) and I have to compile some data for all of these. I’ll also be doing some signing for the signed copies of the books. I’ll have to start strengthening my wrist muscles!

So when do we publish?

Well this is a tricky one. There are a lot of plates spinning around up there that we are juggling. There are 19 authors to get across the line, edited and polished. Then there is the cover design, which can’t be completed until we know how many pages are in each book – remember the spines of the books will match up to make an image so we have to make sure we get it right.

I, like the other authors, still have placeholders in the novel. Not too many, Frontier have read through the novel and everything they flagged up (wrong colours on the scanner, misinterpretation of the Duval family, etc) has been addressed, its just the names to a few solar systems I need.

We also want to launch in line with Frontier Developments, who will have a staggered launch, one for the kickstarter, one for retail launch. At this stage it might be a little later than expected but I will keep you all informed as I learn more.

The USB Stick Competition

Because of the above I’m extending the competition to win the USB stick out to May 2014. I don’t want to send out the USB stick without the final perfectly polished version of the novel on it. That would be just silly. By finishing the draw in May we can guarantee everything is ready.

Elite:And Here The Wheel coming to you soon, audio styles!

Elite:And Here The Wheel coming to you soon, audio styles!

And the Audiobook?

We’re still working away on this one. Elite:Reclamation is being recorded early February along with some other bits and bobs from the Anthology. And Here The Wheel will be sometime after that. We are still working on securing actors – we are in discussion with one – but first the novel needs to be finished 🙂

Anything else?

Nope, thats about it at the moment. Furious editing then making new content for the appendix and Fantastic Books, then editing again, then proof reading and then the fun marketing stuff and then YOU will be buying And Here The Wheel 😉

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