You want star systems? I got star systems…


Its been a funny ‘ol week. I finished the current edit of Elite:And Here The Wheel on thursday night and sent it through to Fantastic Books. I spent Friday working on the appendices for And Here The Wheel and then I got an email from FBP that night.

I had received a schematic listing the names of the planetary systems for my novel and their locations relative to each other.

Boom! The mother lode!

So I was straight back into the manuscript again, filling in the place holders and while I was at it another quick skim through the text. Some of my system names are of the generic/scientific type, such as number/letter combinations. Some have actual names and they are pretty cool names, I reckon.

Their locations relative to each other is important for the novel. There are journeys and counter journeys which go from place to place and there needs to be a logical progression from the start of the journey to the target. Without trying to get too much away, the systems named in the novel form a shape which is kinda important in finding the BAD GUYS(TM)

The novel went back to FBP last night, so once again I am free. Kind of.


Kind of, because I am now working on the Appendices for And Here The Wheel, even though what I should actually be doing is ripping out the garage doors so I can lower the lintel in preparation for a new garage door. Are my priorities a little confused? You could argue both ways, but either way the sun is not staying up as long as it used to so outside productive hours at night are diminishing…

Back on topic, I have 16 pages of Appendices already and a bit more to go on top of that. Do you want to see the contents so far? Of course you do, and you’ve probably already opened up the pic above to get a closer look, haven’t you?

(If you have and you see a questionable word document open that starts with solarge, don’t fear, it is ‘solargenius’ which is something I’m doing for work).

So this will be keeping me occupied while I wait for FBP to review the manuscript and get back to me.


Only two numbers for your to chew on today:

Pages: 528

Words: 109,755.

What do you think of that? That’s a pretty mean number for a reasonable length story. Beta readers have lauded my sparse style that tells much yet leaves much to the imagination. Well I’ve cut about ten thousand words out since they’ve read it – No information or message lost – it tells the same story, but in a leaner way.


More intel and information to come shortly on the website. The latest edit and the appendices have been taking up my time, and I expect to have the first Garry Clan newsletter out this month. In the mean time, check out my Garry Ships page of the website. It’s been flashed up pretty considerably. Thank you so much to forum hero Mobius for assisting with the artwork.


Things should start quietening down for a bit now. Some quiet work on the appendix, some edit reviews from FBP, I’m definitely closing in on the end game here.

Talk next week,



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