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I didn’t think this post would be getting out tonight. I got home to a storm. A flash of lightning, a boom so loud the house shook and everything went dead. Fear not though, its all come back again.

This Elite:Dangerous novel has been over a year in the making but now we are truly on the downward slope to the finish line. This is where I am currently at:

(1) Elite:And Here The Wheel has been reviewed by Frontier Developments. It has been APPROVED. And Here The Wheel is now officially sanctioned. This IS an Elite:Dangerous novel. Of course there were a few minor comments which necessitated some editing at 3AM in the morning….because Fantastic Books needed to get it printed out at 7AM for…..

(2) The Audiobook. Scott Ainslie started the recording of And Here The Wheel February 25th. Scott has a range of accents including a gentle Scottish accent for our protagonist Robert Garry, a proud Scotsman from New Aberdeen in the Arouca system (named by one of my Indiegogo backers – thank you!). Chris Jarvis of the Radio Theatre Workshop is busily editing away, adding sound effects, and doing everything that he does best. I can’t wait to hear it!

(3) I’ve finally set up my Goodreads Author page at: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7855709.John_Harper. I’ve also created a ‘book’ – Elite:And Here The Wheel. This is where I really need your help. If you are on Goodreads, I’d really appreciate it if you could please check out my profile page, go to the book and click ‘Want to Read’.

This is the bit where I ask you to be a good bugger (or bugger-ess?) and help me out. Ta!

(4) The Appendices are still under progress. Not full time of course, The ol’ day job has taken over the nights lately, but the appendices are still progressing and I’ll be sending that through to Fantastic Books soon. It’ll sit in the queue and we’ll work through that process.

photo(5) Over the coming month I’ll be getting a haircut and trying to organise myself a professional ‘author’ photo. I currently use two photos for myself. One standing in front of an IPENZ sign receiving my chartered engineer certificate, and the same photo with a planet/space station background.

What do you think would make a good author’s photo? I’ve seen ones of authors sitting in front of typewriters, they’re leaning up against trees, they are decked out in some strange wizard costume, some are just waaayy to close for comfort.

Twitter_profile_picI’m thinking black and white. Its timeless and hides the flaws somewhat 😉 but then you won’t see my dazzling green eyes. Oh, the dilemma!

So what do you think? give me some ideas and we’ll see what I can organise.

(5) Side Projects. I’ve been looking into a few other projects to help strengthen the John Harper brand. I’m in discussions with another computer game designer about writing their documentation and official fiction. If the partnership looks good for both parties, well we’ll see how we go.

(6) FantastiCon 2014. This is the event that Fantastic Books are hosting to launch their Elite:Dangerous range of fiction. Its being held on the 16th August in East Yorkshire, which I’ve been told is a good thing (though I’ve also been told the opposite). It’s going to be a pretty huge setup. There will be gaming computers with Occulus Rifts, there will be food and drink, most of the authors will be there (for readings, interviews, signing, etc), there will be a chance to try out some Elite Role playing games. If you are into Elite and/or Elite Fiction you won’t want to miss it.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it over there. There’s a shade under 13,000km of rock in my way, but the plan is to get me there electronically, via SKYPE or some other software. We’ll do our absolute best to get full value for money out of me.

It’ll be a blast, I’m sure it will be on at a time that I am supposed to be sleeping, but its not one to miss. So if you don’t have your tickets, head over to the facebook page and grab yourself a ticket.


Thanks for coming by to catch up. Love to hear from you. Hit me up on twitter, facebook or leave me a comment here, let me know what you think, what you’re most looking forward to in regards to Elite:Dangerous.



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