Behold my greyscale glory! 4



Slowly the asteroids tumbled in the darkness, prisoners in a gravitational eddy, their futures trapped by their pasts.

Robert pushed his ship forward, barely aware of his surroundings, reliving his battlefield trauma.

The Top Brass had thrown medals at him. The docs had cleared him. They wanted him back out there, waving to the crowds.

He caught his reflection in the viewport. The Thousand Klick Stare.

The docs are wrong. Iā€™m not OK.

Space cleared ahead, a single asteroid, slowly rotating. A docking bay came into view.

For the first time in months, Robert felt something.

He was home.


That was a drabble prepared for an And Here The Wheel Newsletter. I will say no more on it.

Not a lot going on this week. I returned several marketing oriented documents back to Fantastic Books Publishing yesterday to help them in the promotion of And Here The Wheel.

Oh, and I took a photo of myself. . .

Yup. . . I really am that funny looking. Never mind! As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been using an old photo of myself receiving my charetered engineering certification which is old and carries with it a touch too much cheese. Have I improved things? I don’t know, but I will roll with it for now.

The old photo

The old photo



What else is happening?

I’ve added a bit more information to the Garry Clan section of the website as well. I’ll keep rolling this out as we head toward the (soon to be announced) release date. On that note I’m aware that some people might be getting a bit anxious for a date. Please remember that a)We want a date that we can keep to and that ensures the stories are Fantastic, not almost-fantastic. and b)All the Fantastic Authors have been pretty vocal over the last year and a bit so there is no need to fear we are going to disappear and never release. And Here The Wheel is coming, and its coming for you. It’s going to follow you into a dark alley, beat the shit out of you, and then make you think it was good fun and ask for a sequel.

Right now, Allen Stroud is completing a continuity check on ‘And Here The Wheel’. This is pretty simple really. He is making sure that all five Fantastic books all capitalise Elite (or not!) etc. This is one of the last hurdles to having And Here The Wheel in print. (Remember that the audiobook has already been recorded by Chris Jarvis – Sound Jedi, and Scott Ainslie, – Voice extraordinaire).

Flag on a StickThe Interactive fiction in the Garry Clan newsletter is still open. I’ve had many responses already from members of the Clan. Do you want to join the Clan? Join now and not only will you be able to decide the backstory of the Garry Clan but you will also go in the draw to win a Garry Clan USB drive. This picture is a mock-up of the drive (made with awesomeness by Mobius Brands) It will come loaded with everything And Here The Wheel related that we can cram on it. A little bundle of pure joy!

Join, Plunder, Belong, we are the Clan!


That’s all for this week. Thanks for dropping by!



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