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may30Some books are like cheese. You just gotta age ’em right. Make sure they smell just right. If you want to make a book…ok-ish, then sure, any old date will do, but if you want a Fantastic book, then you gotta cook it to perfection (and ideally not mix metaphors).

So Fantastic Books Publishing have announced that the Ebook version of Elite:And Here The Wheel will be sent out to Kickstarter backers on the 30th May 2014. And yes, that includes those that backed the Audio Fiction Kickstarter for Fantastic Books, my Indiegogo Campaign and those that backed And Here The Wheel later through my webpage. All your support has been wonderful and its just that you be rewarded with the novel before anyone else. So the countdown is on. 25 days and closing.


So with everything pretty much sorted, what does that leave me to do, you ask? Well besides from getting back to reading stuff (Currently Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane – I’ve seen the movie, now I want to study his text to learn about his awesomeness), I’m getting back into writing again. Fantastic Books Publishing is holding a science fiction writing competition. I’m currently brainstorming my story. Its only 1500 words but I’m not under pressure so I”m just taking it slow, letting ideas percolate and enjoying the process. Its not like I have $7500USD in other peoples money riding on this story!

I’m nearly at the stage where I’m ready to put pen to paper, except it’ll be fingers to keys. I’ve also gone back to the novel I was writing before Elite:And Here The Wheel, a novel with a working title called ‘Behind Blue Eyes’. I swished up the synopsis last night and I’m starting to work my way through the novel draft, tidying up, applying story and structure edits, etc. There are a few plot lines which I either need to rework considerably or just delete. Decisions, decisions, but that will keep me busy for a while.

I’m actually really looking forward to getting back into a universe of my own creation. ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ started as a short scene in my head and grew from that into galactic history both before and after the novel. Many more stories, both written and still in idea stage, have been weaved into this storyline. Big events early in the history shape humanity for the following stories. I have a big ol’ galactic map sketch of this created universe which I love referring back to. There is FTL in this universe, I’m not into HARD sci-fi but it has some realistic (read: invented) restrictions that make it a much more engaging form of FTL and in its own way alters the way people experience life. When you make your own universe you have to make sure the rules are internally consistent, but in the end you answer only to yourself. I’ve spent so long creating this world I know it back to front and its going to be quite fun to work in that environment again but take it further. Use what I have learnt during this amazing Elite experience and turbocharge my old world and the writing within. Damn Exciting!


piechartThe Garry Clan itself still needs love and tender care as well. The first newsletter went out last month and new people continue to sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter had a small piece of Garry Clan fiction which ended on a cliff hanger. Those that have signed up can vote for which direction the story takes next. Kind of like Wing Commander III but less Luke Skywalker. The pie chart to the right shows a clear favourite among the decisions. There is still time to vote (if you haven’t already) or register and then vote, to change the course of this story. If you want to get involved in some interactive fiction then head on over to the sign up page and join the Garry Pirate Clan.



I mentioned above that I’m reading Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. I’ve already seen the movie so I’m not expecting to be surprised. What I’m interested in is the POV of the novel. SPOILER alert but the POV’s recollection of events isn’t exactly straightforward. Once you as a reader/watcher figure this out all the clues are there for you to go ‘aha!’. These clues and how they are weaved into the narrative and how the POW works are all things that I want to learn from. In particular I want to see if I can use them in my next project. I don’t have as many words to play with as Lehane and less characters but I’me already thinking of how I can make it work. It’ll be an interesting and educational experience.


Thanks for stopping by. School holidays have finished over here so everything is back to normal with kid drop offs, ballet, swimming, etc. Fun times!

What do you think about the release date? Excited? concerned? I’d love to hear from you.



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10 thoughts on “Release Date Confirmed

  • Matthew Powell

    John, many thanks for all your great efforts – letting us all know what’s coming as well as getting the thing done. Very impressive – I’m looking forward very much to see the result. See you among the stars…

  • Steve Jeyes

    Very much looking forward to the release. It’s just a couple of weeks before my birthday and as I’ve been offered funds towards an Elite:Dangerous capable PC it’ll be nice to get some fantastic extra fiction gifts alongside too. 🙂

    • andherethewheel Post author

      Sounds like it will be all coming together for you. You’ll have a bit of reading to go with your game play. But which will hold your attention more I wonder? 😉

      • Steve Jeyes

        Well to be honest I’m also buying a property at the moment, so I’d say a fair amount of my time will be involved in moving and decorating and such. At least I’ll be able to read in my lunch breaks at work 🙂

        • andherethewheel Post author

          You will need something to help you de-stress after all of that. Have you seen the cover just launched by FBP? I’ll put it up here soon.

  • T. James

    Hi John,

    I’ve no problem with the release date, it’s still well before the game proper and there’s been so many hoops you’ve had to jump through. Congratulations on making it in one piece. I’m looking forward to reading about the Garry Clan’s adventures.

    I confess to envying you too. However satisfying editing can be, watching a story come together and read more smoothly, I miss the spontaneity of writing and the time to read. Enjoy them both.