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Last week I posted about the book cover, saying that it was ‘super soon’. Three hours after the post went live, I received the cover through email. There’s two ways of looking at that. IF it had come three hours earlier I could have included it in my blog post, which would have been cool, but then on the other side I would have had to re-write alot of the post, which would have been a pain after the love and attention I had already covered it in. Oh well…

Fantastic Books Publishing announced via a video (click here to view) the covers of their five Elite:Dangerous books. All five follow a very similar theme yet are all unique in their own way. The designer, Heather Murphy, has put some tremendous work into these and the more I look at mine the more I love it.

Here is the cover below. I’d love to hear what you think about it. For those who have already read an alpha or beta version of the story I think you’ll agree it fits. Its majestic and grand with a little bit of mystery to it.


The Fate of the Garry Clan:

Voting is now closed for Part 1 of the Garry Clan narrative. Thank you everyone that voted. The votes have been counted and we have a clear winner:


WHAT SHOULD ROBERT GARRY DO? Well clearly a lot of you think he should b) stand his ground and fight. Ship to Ship. The way it was always supposed to be.

The other options were to a) run like a coward, because cowards get to live another day, or the more interesting c) ‘destroy the Lakon – why get booty when you can get revenge?’.

To be honest I thought c) would have got a few more votes than it did, but the clan members have spoken. With that decision out of the way I can start working on the next part of the story. Stay tuned . . .

And if you want to find out what happens next in the story and you haven’t signed up, then you’d better go do that right now. Click here to take you to the sign up page. Its easy and perfectly safe. All you need is a pirate name and an email address and I bet you have some secret pirate name from your childhood. So grab your cutlass and join the clan!

Other News:

*FantastiCon is gaining speed. A lot of events/plans are in the mix now. Here are the vital statistics:

Location: The Mercure Hull Royal, 170 Ferensway, East Yorkshire, Kingston-Upon-Hull, HU1 3UF


– Oculus Rift game playing (Learn more about the Oculus Rift here)
– Live Elite RPG board game running throughout the event
– Book readings
– Author interviews
– Free biscuits and soft drinks
– Elite Merchandise
– A Dalek will be present to do what Daleks do (struggle with stairs)
– Raffle (with the LAST special edition boxed set as the grand prize)
– Meet Commander Dan and Station Administrator Milly
– Simon Fisher-Becker (who played Dorium Maldovar in Dr Who) will be present, signing merchandise, chatting to fans and helping with the Fantastic Awards Ceremony.
– Live video feeds to International authors (including ME!)
– Art prints of the book covers
– Book Signings
– Audio book excerpts

*LaveCon 2014 is coming up soon on the 5th and 6th of July. Its a science fiction convention with special attention to Elite:Dangerous. I got a live tweet feed from Lavecon 2013 (thanks guys) and from that it felt like an awesome event so I’m sure the sequel will be even better. Learn more about it by clicking here.

*Book Launch

Remember that And Here The Wheel (and the other titles in the Fantastic Books stables) will start to sent out to all backers of the FBP Kickstarter and my Indiegogo campaign. All your interest, devotion and dedication is about to pay off. For those who didn’t back either of the crowd funding campaigns but really really want to get your mitts on AHTW as soon as possible, then fear not because you will be able to Pre-order Elite:And Here The Wheel (and the other FBP elite titles) from the FBP Bookstore by the end of this week! That’s right, pre-order will open this week..

You’re welcome.

*Gollancz Books

The three Elite:Dangerous books from Gollancz became available to purchase this week. You can find them on Amazon or try these links: (Note: This might not work for all corners of the globe, you might need to check out your local Amazon).

Docking is Difficult



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