Audiobook – And Here The Wheel – Coming Soon

AndHereTheWheel-Audio-200x266It’s coming!

Elite: And Here The Wheel – the audiobook should be ready for purchase by February 2015. But that’s not the good news.

The Audiobook was recorded back in February of this year by the talented Scott Ainslie (His voice is just perfect for the setting and protagonist of my book). The novel had to be printed out at 7pm UK time which necessitated me being woken up at 3am my time to make 8 minor word adjustments before Dan Grubb at Fantastic Books Publishing could then print it out ready to begin the journey from ink to sound. Luckily Dan understood that every time a message was sent on Facebook it would make a ‘ding’ sound on my phone, so enough empty messages would eventually wake me up 🙂

Back in February the novel had approval from Frontier, Fantastic Books Publishing and myself. Everything was on track. Then a few weeks before the ebook version of the novel was launched in May an additional round of editing was done by a ‘guest’ editor, trimming the book back to the current form that you may (or may not have) already read.

But the audiobook was recorded before this final edit. What this means is that the audiobook will be a more in-depth experience for the listener.

The audiobook version includes:

1) Fully augmented battle scenes
2) A greater focus on Gunn-Britt Grotenfelt
3) The official soundscape from the game
4) Original music composed by Allen Stroud

This version will be like the ‘Director’s Cut’ of Blade Runner to the cinematic release. Of course Chris Jarvis of the Radio Theatre Workshop is the director of the audiobook, so we’ll call this one the ‘Author’s Edition’ of And Here The Wheel.

Further this isn’t just a voice reading the novel. This is a fully augmented audio experience with sound effects provided by Frontier Developments and atmospheric music provided by Allen Stroud

Have you read the book? Do you think you know what happened between the scene breaks? Well think again. Did you hold your breath as Robert battled through his enemies? Did you pass out from lack of oxygen? If not, you need the Audio ‘Author’s Edition’. It’s bigger, it’s better it’s bolder.

  • The Elite:And Here The Wheel audiobook can be pre-ordered from the Fantastic Books Publishing Webstore here
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