The Silver in the Cloud of Failure


The team at Special Circumstances (the studio working on Shallow Space) launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the game to completion. A few days ago its time expired and we did not meet our funding requirements.

To be honest I didn’t have a high level of involvement in the launch of the Indiegogo – I was the writer doing writerly things, while the team had a business manager who was hired specifically for this kind of stuff. Hindsight is powerful stuff and I have used my ample supply of the stuff to wish I had elbowed in on the action and gotten more involved. Having ran a successful crowd funding campaign I obviously knew the odd trick or two.

Never mind. It sucks, but as my father used to tell me, lessons learnt the hard way tend to stick. Another motto is ‘to respond, not to react’. What does the failure teach? How can I use this to my advantage?

James Martin, ‘Mr Brass’ at Special Circumstances has written a thorough and emotional debrief over an IndieDB (click here for the link)

We had some good info on the page (though perhaps not organised for maximum impact?) we had a great playable demo and a lot of followers – but still we failed? was price point an issue? possibly. Was exposure an issue? definitely.

So we have learnt our lessons and we have moved on. We are now accepting pre-orders of the game on our website from $!5 USD. We have kept the ‘reward tier’ system going but at a price that makes more sense out of the crowd funding market.

The team is still working hard on the game – as shown by the demo (Which you can download here) and I’m starting work on building up our new Wiki. The Story of Samuel Shallom got a bit lost on the last website upgrade, but its been written and will be released piece by piece over the coming months.

ShallowSpacePreOrderWe are forging ahead and we’d like you to be involved. Join us on the Shallow Space Forums (where we have been discussing fusion power among other things), comment on the IndieDB posts, and if you’d like to play the game, Please follow the Pre – Order link and support us struggling artists 🙂

Pre Order Shallow Space Now!

Thanks everyone for your support, big or small, its all appreciated.



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