Win a free copy of the Audiobook “And Here The Wheel”

AndHereTheWheel-Audio-200x266It is nearly here.

My baby, that has been in the works for so long is almost upon us.

But this isn’t just some audio recording of the book. This is so much more, including:


1) Fully augmented battle scenes
2) A greater focus on Gunn-Britt Grotenfelt
3) The official soundscape from the game
4) Original music composed by Steve Wilson

This version will be like the ‘Director’s Cut’ of Blade Runner to the cinematic release. Of course Chris Jarvis of the Radio Theatre Workshop is the director of the audiobook, so we’ll call this one the ‘Author’s Edition’ of And Here The Wheel.

As above we have original music by Steve Wilson, who is very much inspired by Elite and Chris Jarvis’ vision for the audio version of And Here The Wheel. (CJ interviews Steve at his website, Radio Theatre Workshop)

I can now also reveal that the audiobook includes a ‘missing scene’ that was edited out of the printed novel, and is one of my favourite scenes.

I (and everyone else) have been waiting for And Here The Wheel to take its turn on the audio front and I am so freaking excited that I convinced Dan at Fantastic Books Publishing to help put on a competition!


As I said above the audiobook edition of And Here The Wheel, despite being all kinds of awesome, has an additional ‘missing scene’.

I want to know what it is.

The person whose guess is the closest will win an MP3 of And Here The Wheel.

As well as this, Dan Grubb and myself will choose our favourite missing scene idea entries and these will also win a copy of the Audiobook MP3

As an added bonus, we will draw FIVE (5) random entries to win free ebooks of And Here The Wheel.

How to enter:

email me at john(at)andherethewheel(dot) co (dot) nz, subject header ‘Audiobook Competition’. Try and keep your missing scene summary to 200 words or so, but don’t worry if you go over, I’m not going to cross you off the list if you go over.

So think of what could possibly be going on, come up with something brilliant and send it through.

Oh, you want a hint? Well there are a few hints at the top of page…..Good luck!

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