Elite:And Here The Wheel – now out in Audiobook 2


Drum Roll. . . .

Ahh, screw it. Let’s just get on with it.

Elite:And Here The Wheel in Audiobook form is now here, available for purchase from Fantastic Books Publishing.

This is the final step in a journey which started in December 2012 when, with six minutes to go, my crowd funding campaign for an official Frontier Development Fiction license met its goal.

In 2013 I wrote the novel and signed up to my Publisher.

In 2014 the novel was published and the audiobook was recorded.

In 2015 the audiobook is released.

The audiobook is narrated by the talented Scott Ainslie. You’ll have to listen to it yourself, but his voice has just the right amount of ‘Scot’ in it to give a feel of verisimilitude to the main protagonist Robert Garry.

This version of the story has music, sound effects, the works. More importantly, the story itself is how I wanted it to be told. This is my version. This is the pinnacle of Elite:And Here The Wheel.

There are many scenes in the novel where, re-reading or editing, my heart would race, that I was so drawn up in what I had written that I had to remind myself it wasn’t real, oh and that I should probably BREATHE….

I hope that if you decide to purchase this audiobook that you have the same problem with your basic physiological needs.

More importantly, I hope you enjoy the experience of the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was a bloody good blast and I am a very proud member of the Elite canon.






  • Click here for the audiobook in MP3 (14.99 GBP)
  • Click here for the audiobook on CD (unsigned) (19.99 GBP)
  • Click here for the audiobook on CD (signed) (24.99 GBP)

(10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Wellington Cancer Society of New Zealand)

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2 thoughts on “Elite:And Here The Wheel – now out in Audiobook

  • Steve Jeyes

    Hey John

    I’ve been listening to And Here The Wheel over the last few days and it’s fab. I read it last summer and it’s great to now hear it read by Scott Ainslie with all the Elite sound effects.

    Apparently in the interim it would appear I have managed to find a trade route that uses Delta Phoenicis, and only as I listened to your drama did I realise it was one of your settings. It’s nice to have that extra little bit of background to the galaxy. (Just discovered there’s a rare in the system too 😉

    CMDR UnkieSteve

    • andherethewheel Post author

      Hi Steve, Thanks mate. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I much prefer the audio version as its ‘my’ edit of the novel. It is always cool when you find a link between game and book 🙂 Thanks for the support!