Background New Aberdeen

(A little backstory on the home of Robert Garry, the protagonist from And Here The Wheel)

New Aberdeen of the Arouca system has a lower than average temperate climate with spacious islands surrounded by large seas. The planet has three major starports – Granite City, Skene and Dyce – but has many more small settlements scattered through the islands. Although each town or settlement is self-governed, there is a central government that overseas planetary decisions.
The planet is registered as independent, though local law enforcement cooperates with Interpol as required. The planet’s standard (the St Andrews cross with three castles superimposed over top) is displayed prominently throughout the three major starports.

The oldest settlement is Granite City, founded by a group of Scottish nationalists dissatisfied with the disappearance of their cultural roots on Earth. In 3255 they purchased the planet from the Tau Ceti Trading Company for sub-market value after a mapping error showed New Aberdeen as a lifeless planetoid. They settled the planet in 3257 and created a small village where they could live a life of Scottish tradition blended (but not overrun) with modern technology.

An example of the style and material of choice for buildings of New Aberdeen

Although not isolationist the new colony discouraged visitors except as required by trade – the colony was not immediately self-sufficient. Word of the ‘Scottish world’ spread and people of Scottish descent flocked to the new colony. By 3262 a new city, Dheathain, was founded on the other side of the planet.

Granite City was built in the style of old Aberdeen, from locally quarried rock. In the centre of the city is a large lawn with three entrances, each protected by a miniature redoubt. A statue of Robert the Bruce stands in the centre of the lawn. The lawns are referred to by the locals as ‘The Castle’.
Today, the planet bolsters a population of over 400,000 hardy Scottish souls. There is a modest trade in agricultural goods with surrounding systems but little imports, save farm machinery. With true Scottish frugality, machinery and other exotic goods are repaired and well maintained and little new equipment is imported.

(Note: New Aberdeen does not appear in the game, unlike other planets from ‘And Here The Wheel’. I have not been told why).

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