Launch of Shallow Space: Factions

Cover Art for Shallow Space: Factions

Cover Art for Shallow Space: Factions

A reporter looking for truth in all the wrong places.

A simple freighter pilot stumbling upon protected treasure.

A crystalline world, and the biggest heist in the history of humanity.

The notorious pirate Samuel Shallom, who fought for a cause and became a legend.

Welcome to the worlds of Shallow Space, the new home of humanity after a 100 year voyage from a crippled Earth. In this collection you’ll find the entire short story collection for Shallow space, as well as learn about the major factions of humanity.

Inspired by Nexus: Jupiter Incident and Homeworld, Shallow Space is a 4X real time strategy space sim and this is the definitive collection of the game’s narrative.

My latest ebook has just launched at Amazon.

Its called ‘Shallow Space: Factions’

I’ve been working with the team at Special Circumstances (who are creating the game Shallow Space) for around two years. In that time I have done a lot of work building the worlds, people and places of that game. I have also written several piece of fiction based on various characters and factions in the game. Each story has focused on a different game faction, and each story has been a little bit different, one of them down-right experimental, with one chapter being told exclusively through bulletin board posts.

This ebook collates all of these works of fiction together for the first time. Interspersed through this are descriptions of each of the major game factions. Little tidbits are added in here and there, including some art work on the solar systems themselves.

Its around 119 pages and is a must for any fan of Shallow Space, or for those on the fence for the game but want to dive into the narrative before deciding on the game.

Its for sale at 99cents, or less depending on your country. Please check it out at:



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