Behind Black Eyes

Behind Black Eyes

A book from the Chronicle of Heroes


No Cover Art available right now – Stay Tuned!

“When antiquities expert James DeSoto gets his spaceship shot to hell on a retrieval job and his client refuses to pay, it’s just a regular Tuesday night. But then his father-in-law shows up and events take a turn for the worse.”


The Terran Hegemony has spread through the stars and despite the risks and complexities of faster-than-light travel, man-kind is experiencing a renewed expansion. But something is going wrong out in the Colonies and refugees are heading back to the Core.

Suddenly James DeSoto finds himself flying into the maelstrom to find his estranged wife. In a race against time and his feelings, DeSoto has to find her, get her out and learn what kind of a man he really is.




  • ‘Behind Black Eyes’ is a Science Fiction Thriller with my trademark fast pace, high octane action and flawed but growing characters. Follow the self destructive James DeSoto as he dives headfirst into danger, and into his past, and hopefully come out on the other side.
  • The draft of ‘Behind Black Eyes’ is complete and the novel is currently being edited, with an expected final length of 90-100,000 words.