Crowd Funding

The Silver in the Cloud of Failure

Failure. The team at Special Circumstances (the studio working on Shallow Space) launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the game to completion. A few days ago its time expired and we did not meet our funding requirements. To be honest I didn’t have a high level of involvement in the […]



The count down is on. . .

Once my novel ‘Elite:And Here The Wheel‘ was published I immediately began looking for another project. Straight into another novel? I was after all working on one when the Elite opportunity arose. The more I thought about it however the more I realised that I really enjoyed the relationship between […]

The Final Rush before the New Year

It’s all pretty damn full on at the moment. Work is finished for the year, but I’ve got two kids to look after and a whole bunch of writing stuff happening. Read on…. —— MY NEWEST PROJECT: The Seed is a Post Apocalyptic ‘Choose your own Adventure’ computer game that […]

They're here.  They're finally here!


An Organic News Agency 4

As my new project Shallow Space edges closer to liftoff with a Kickstarter (we’re currently thinking end of year) I realised I wanted to start telling some more of the story that makes up the ‘universe’ that is Shallow Space. I’ve been developing some pretty cool backgrounds, cultures and general […]

My Elite Journey 10

I have a confession to make. The first story I ever wrote wasn’t Elite – it was Short Circuit. And my teacher was so impressed she lined the book with wall paper and made me read it out in front of the school assembly. However Elite followed soon after. It […]


Cover art for Elite:And Here The Wheel, available for purchase now

Did someone order a book cover? 2

Last week I posted about the book cover, saying that it was ‘super soon’. Three hours after the post went live, I received the cover through email. There’s two ways of looking at that. IF it had come three hours earlier I could have included it in my blog post, […]

Commerce Disruption is Live! 4

The Garry Clan is currently live, running commerce disruption in a star system near you! I have started a fiction narrative in the Garry Clan newsletter, the first issue of which went out last night. Its effectively a communal ‘choose your own adventure’. The narrative stops at a cliffhanger and […]


Newsletters and Videos 2

Hi everyone Not much to report on this week. I should be receiving the manuscript back from Fantastic Books…*checks watch* any hour now. Last night I sent out the sixth newsletter to all Indiegogo supporters who pledged to the newsletter level or above. That’s the last of these newsletters I […]

A Story Filled With Good Guys

I’m talking about And Here The Wheel. Every single point of view character in my novel is THE good guy. The one doing the right thing. They are the hero. They are righting the wrongs. They are the one that is going to sort out the trash (so to speak). […]

In 'Elite:And Here The Wheel' the difference is not this clear.


Surviving the coup d’etat at Chione 1

Robert froze, body curved around a pipe junction. He cocked his head, listening over his pounding heart and the surge of coolant through the pipes. He breathed slowly, chest expanding and contracting. The fleeting sound – a scrape? – didn’t come back. The longer he listened the more he heard, […]