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Kylo Ren

Star Wars Review – is SW in the Firefly ‘verse Now? 2

When I first heard that the new star wars movie was effectively uncanonising the forty odd ‘Star Wars Extended Universe’ books I’d spent a decade or so reading, I was pretty pissed. I’m a fan of J.J Abrams, but this was crossing the line. Then I saw the trailer, and […]

Shallow Space Alpha Imminent, Free Fiction for Background Flavour 2

STEAM EARLY ACCESS Note the date in your diary: 21 October 2015. This is the day we will activate ‘Early Access’ on Steam for Shallow Space. This is the culmination of 18 months of work, though is only the first of many steps to a full released game. You can […]

In Game

Garry Pirate Clan Newsletter # 4 out now!

Newsletter # 4 is live! Read it here: Garry Clan Newsletter. This edition of the newsletter is a bumper, covering author news, book news, game development, a huge addition to the ‘Commerce Disruption’ Storyline, further news on members of the clan and a new section designed for you. If you […]



Mapping out the Novel

Cliche time: Every cloud has a silver lining. The rotator cuff has four different muscles in it and one of them has been a bit ‘iffy’ for the last few weeks. I’ve been managing it as I do my gym workout but I decided last week that it needed a […]

An Organic News Agency 4

As my new project Shallow Space edges closer to liftoff with a Kickstarter (we’re currently thinking end of year) I realised I wanted to start telling some more of the story that makes up the ‘universe’ that is Shallow Space. I’ve been developing some pretty cool backgrounds, cultures and general […]



Where the heck have I been? 4

Yes, I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but I’ve been working hard. And Here The Wheel has been out for nearly two months now. It was the last of the five Fantastic Elite Fiction books to receive a major publicity push and this has resulted in some good sales and […]

My thoughts on future tie-in fiction 2

A few weeks back my fellow Fantastic Elite Fiction (FEF) author Drew Wagar wrote a blog on why he would write tie-ins for Elite:Dangerous. He talked of all the great things we know and love about the Elite games. Realism, attention to detail. Hard-nosed science fiction. These are all things […]

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