My Elite Journey 10

I have a confession to make. The first story I ever wrote wasn’t Elite – it was Short Circuit. And my teacher was so impressed she lined the book with wall paper and made me read it out in front of the school assembly. However Elite followed soon after. It […]



Have you got your one million words? 8

How many words do you have in the bank? For writers there is a well known expression, which differs in each telling, but basically says something along the lines of ‘You have to write one million words to become good enough to publish’. So what is my number? Do I […]

Commander’s Log Podcast # 12 Available Now!

Christmas won’t be Christmas without a Commander’s Log podcast. Episode 12 has just been uploaded and is ready for your listening pleasure. In the twelfth episode of the Commander’s Log, John Harper discusses the novel progress, looks back on the year, talks to his publisher Dan Grubb from Fantastic Books […]

CoverArt Mk II

In 'Elite:And Here The Wheel' the difference is not this clear.

A Story Filled With Good Guys

I’m talking about And Here The Wheel. Every single point of view character in my novel is THE good guy. The one doing the right thing. They are the hero. They are righting the wrongs. They are the one that is going to sort out the trash (so to speak). […]

Surviving the coup d’etat at Chione 1

Robert froze, body curved around a pipe junction. He cocked his head, listening over his pounding heart and the surge of coolant through the pipes. He breathed slowly, chest expanding and contracting. The fleeting sound – a scrape? – didn’t come back. The longer he listened the more he heard, […]



Empowering Emotions through the Climax 4

Picture this: The Good Guy has confronted the Bad Guy. The Bad Guy is no longer in the picture, leaving the Good Guy alone in the domain of the Bad Guy. What happens next? I will tell you what happens next. The Good Guy takes a moment to digest what […]

This Ladies and Gentlemen, is the END GAME & Podcast Ep 9 – Progress Report 5/8/13 1

Hello and welcome to what is hopefully the last update before I finish this edit of the novel. A big moment coming up here, folks. Time for me to have a break and a time for some of you to step up and help me out. I’ll talk about the […]

Delay in Podcast 1

Hi everyone A real short note just to say that after advertising quite a few times that the podcast would be out this week, this week ends in about two hours and I can confirm that I will FAIL to meet this goal. Tragic, I know. . . It’s almost […]

John Harper Versus the Internet 1

A quick update for you all. Last week I had Even Bollinger over at www.andherethewheel.co.nz for a guest post. This week Evan has returned the favour by interviewing me. You can see the interview here. I also had a chat with John Stabler last night about Frontier Development’s progress with […]

A new job, a new house. Where does the novel fit in? – Progress Report 29/7/13 2

Have you heard of the expression ‘Loaded to the gunwales’? That’s me. That’s me all over. I have a new job to prepare for. I have an old job with a million things to finish, as well as the big project that I’ll be going back to finish off (and […]