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Originally Robert Garry visits an Ice planet.

How an Ice Planet became a Trash Planet 1

(Note: this post has story spoilers, read at your peril) It’s not a joke, but it might illuminate my writing process a little. Once I had officially received my official license to write fiction for Frontier Development’s latest game Elite:Dangerous, I spent a month planning, then knocked out a draft […]

Character Driven v. Plot Driven – Do we need labels?

If you’re a writer or you’ve spent time with writers you have probably heard of the labels ‘plot driven’ and ‘character driven’ in reference to movies or novels. The labels describe two different approaches to how a story is told. People normally prefer one to the other, and there are […]



Mapping out the Novel

Cliche time: Every cloud has a silver lining. The rotator cuff has four different muscles in it and one of them has been a bit ‘iffy’ for the last few weeks. I’ve been managing it as I do my gym workout but I decided last week that it needed a […]


Empowering Emotions through the Climax 4

Picture this: The Good Guy has confronted the Bad Guy. The Bad Guy is no longer in the picture, leaving the Good Guy alone in the domain of the Bad Guy. What happens next? I will tell you what happens next. The Good Guy takes a moment to digest what […]

This Ladies and Gentlemen, is the END GAME & Podcast Ep 9 – Progress Report 5/8/13 1

Hello and welcome to what is hopefully the last update before I finish this edit of the novel. A big moment coming up here, folks. Time for me to have a break and a time for some of you to step up and help me out. I’ll talk about the […]

John Harper Versus the Internet 1

A quick update for you all. Last week I had Even Bollinger over at www.andherethewheel.co.nz for a guest post. This week Evan has returned the favour by interviewing me. You can see the interview here. I also had a chat with John Stabler last night about Frontier Development’s progress with […]

A new job, a new house. Where does the novel fit in? – Progress Report 29/7/13 2

Have you heard of the expression ‘Loaded to the gunwales’? That’s me. That’s me all over. I have a new job to prepare for. I have an old job with a million things to finish, as well as the big project that I’ll be going back to finish off (and […]

Cultivating your writing – A Guest Post by Evan Bollinger

Writing is cultivation. You could argue that we all come into the game with different seeds. We have different preferences, different experiences, different ideas and views that shape the words we plant on the page. But from the very first moment we lay those seeds, we can’t simply walk away. […]