Garry Clan HQ

Welcome to the home of the Garry Pirate Clan, scourge of the Eastern sectors. We’re a small pirate clan, working together like brothers. We pillage grains, textiles, fuels and other essentials to on-sell to the poorer colonies. High quality or low quality, we don’t mind, because we’re sure to find a buyer somewhere.

The Garry clan has strong Scottish roots originating from the Garry highland clan on ancient Earth. Our leader Robert Garry and his father Jordan Garry are both proud Scotsman from New Aberdeen. Other members of the clan are either disaffected scots from other walks of life or those inspired by Robert’s vision and who have joined his cause.

The Clan has two rules:

    1. We don’t leave anyone behind.

    2. YOU loot it, YOU keep it.


There are no royalties, there is no ‘Captain’s Share’. Everyone pulls their weight and keeps what they earn. every single member of the clan passionately follows Robert Garry, not for the riches but because of why and how he operates. We are united, working together for a common goal. Although Robert Garry has overall command of the clan, each ship acts as a separate entity commercially.

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Current Operations

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Fleet and Crew
Biographies of some of our more notorious team members and the ships they work on. There are more than a hundred warrants issued across the known Galaxy for these men. You’ve been warned.


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