Barrel of Ale

Barrel of Ale (Extensively modified Panther Clipper bulk freighter)

The ‘Barrel’ is no normal Panther Clipper. Prior to joining the clan the Barrel ran a mercy mission to Soholia, the cargo hold filled with urgent medical equipment. Unfortunately the Barrel was badly damaged by pirates on the run and was barely able to land. In gratitude the Governor instructed the shipyard to repair the Barrel and that ‘money was no object’. What happened next would make any ship enthusiast teary-eyed. The Barrel was completely gutted, overlaid with the latest ablative armour and turned into a stripped back, lean bulk freighter. Sporting twenty missile racks, six laser turrets and military grade engines, the Barrel is more than a match for an Imperial Cutter.


    “You can make money killin’ people and you make money savin’ people. Which to do today?”

    Age: 60
    Height: 187cm
    Weight: 100kg
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Black
    Clothes: Black pressure suit
    Key Skills: Experience, Muscle

    Bald, shaped like a cobra and a pair of entwined Kraits tattooed into his scalp, Snake the Greater is not someone you want to mess around with. He worked alongside Jordan Garry in Jordan’s early days of piracy. The two had a lot in common, including young boys who were always getting into mischief. Working on and off with Jordan over the years, Snake also performed charity work if there was great profit in it, such as the latest outbreak of Soholian fever. When Robert Garry returned to piracy and created the Garry Clan, Snake the Greater eagerly joined the revamped pirate organisation and called his son (Junior) in to help. With two Snakes in the clan, everyone began referring to them as Snake the Greater and Snake the Lesser.



    “Do you remember the time I….?”

    Age: 27
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Pale blue
    Clothes: Imperial fashion over pressure suit
    Key Skills: Arrogance, Weapons

    The newest member of Snake’s team, Ryan has already consolidated his position as first gunner by taking down an Imperial Cutter with a single turret. Ryan is a blowhard, but always backs his statements with actions. He is good and knows it and doesn’t let anyone forget it. A black eye from the Snake has quietened him down slightly but nothing keeps Ryan down for long. He loves his life and he loves himself.

    Ryan is an Imperial from Facece. He fled Imperial space before he could be arrested and sentenced to slavery for his father’s debts. Now he takes great enjoyment from any job against the Empire.



    “Damn, I don’t remember that.”

    Age: 42
    Height: 194cm
    Weight: 90kg
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothes: Black undergarments (mostly) covered by the ripped remains of an Alliance ‘Blues’ pressure suit.
    Key Skills: Piloting, Weaponry
    Currently Flying: Barrel of Ale (Panther Clipper)

    Tall and wiry, James was found by the Barrel crew, trapped behind consoles on a derelict Alliance patrol craft (which was duly picked clean). He’d lost oxygen supply for a few minutes before rescue and his mental functions have never fully recovered. Put a knife, sword or simple gun in his hand and send him to board a freighter and he’ll come back covered in other people’s blood. Likewise put a simple pilot control system in his hand and he’ll make the ship dance. Give him anything complicated, anything that requires button pressing or makes more than one kind of noise and he blanks, unable to process events.

    James memory is also shaky. He refuses to be separated from the remains of his Alliance pressure suit yet has no memory of his service for the Alliance. With careful management James has become an effective member of the team and is the ship’s primary pilot.



    “Just try it.”

    Age: 36
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 101kg
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Green
    Clothes: Black pressure suit
    Key Skills: Experience, Muscle
    Currently Flying: Barrel of Ale (Panther Clipper)

    The one person the Snake is afraid of, Andrea makes every man she meets quake in their mag boots. Big, strong, unflinching and with eye liner and a shaved scalp, Andrea is a determined killer. She dislikes time spent in zero-gee, except for boarding other ships, and works out under high gravity loads whenever possible.

    Despite her muscular and unfriendly appearance, many of the Clan crew continually try to take her out for a drink. All of them, even those that succeed, end up being thrown through a window, or similar, but they keep coming back for beneath the mental armour is a woman desperate for deep companionship. From the right man of course.



    “You mean you shave your own face?”

    Age: 50
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 78kg
    Hair: Dyed Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothes: Imperial fashion
    Key Skills: Communications, Management
    Currently Flying: Barrel of Ale (Panther Clipper)

    Another Imperial, Timothy has been a renegade so long he has lost his accent. Tim was able to call on Snake’s benevolent side for a flight of mercy for Tim’s slaves who were being repossessed. Once the slaves were happily settled on a new Imperial farm (and payment received), Snake offered Tim a crew position.

    Timothy’s experience managing slaves and planetary networks led him to an unlikely career as a communications specialist aboard the Barrel of Ale. His local knowledge is invaluable when the Barrel is sneaking through Imperial space.