Jeff’s Rig

Jeff’s Rig (An Anaconda modified as an escort carrier)


This Anaconda has had major reconstructive surgery in its past. Once a bulk freighter, the Jeff’s Rig is now a battle carrier with a large cargo bay. With a suite of Sidewinders loaded inside and a team of pilots to fly them, the Jeff’s Rig is the perfect ambush ‘meat’ for any pirate plan. Her pilot keeps her in a pristine and polished condition.



    “My girls are everything.”

    Age: 45
    Height: 213cm
    Weight: 68kg
    Hair: A mop of reddy-brown hair
    Eyes: Aquamarine
    Clothes: Grey utility pressure suit
    Key Skills: Parenting, Determination
    Currently Flying: Jeff’s Rig (Anaconda)

    Jeff Whyman, a.k.a ‘Knucklebones’ suffers from a condition where he can’t put on any weight. Combined with the effects of zero gravity he looks like a loose sheet of skin draped over a skeleton. His knucklebones are especially prominent.

    Jeff, an Imperial from Facece, was an honest trader, married with two kids. Then his wife died in a pirate attack. With the police unable to protect the woman he loved, and only a violent reaction from Jeff saving his two daughters, he realised the only way to protect what remained of his family was to go on the offensive. He became a pirate and brought together his own team to create an Anaconda freighter capable of launching Sidewinder fighters as protection. They became moderately successful but Jeff’s paranoia over his daughters grew and seeking additional protection fell in with the Garry Clan.

    Nearly seven feet tall but barely 70kg, Jeff Whyman is not a man you will forget you meet. He is a loving father who believes offense is the best defense. He takes his two daughters with him everywhere and would prefer to read bed time stories to them than socialise with the Clan.



    “I’ll protect the girls like they are my own.”

    Age: 21
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 50kg
    Hair: Medium length brown hair in a French plait
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothes: Cream blouse and black skirt.
    Key Skills: Normality, piloting
    Currently Flying: Jeff’s Rig (Anaconda)

    Melissa is not a pirate. She is an au-pair, who had signed on for 12 months to help Jeff and his wife with their two young kids while they travelled the Galaxy. Melissa grew fond of both the kids and Jeff and when his wife died she felt she needed to stay to look after the three of them. Extremely dedicated, Melissa stayed on, especially when Jeff turned to piracy, knowing that the kids needed to be around a ‘normal’ person. She is fiercely protective of the girls, keeping them from seeing the ‘horrors’ of what their father does.

    Melissa is young, attractive and confident, a combination which forces her to deny many advances by the rest of the Garry Clan. She steadfastly refuses to carry a weapon or engage in any piracy but she is a competent pilot and knows her way around the Rig’s systems.



    “Freedom means the right to choose. I choose to drink.”

    Age: 19
    Height: 195cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Hair: Long thick blond hair.
    Eyes: Green
    Clothes: Alliance ‘Blues’ pressure suit.
    Key Skills: Improvisation, attitude
    Currently Flying: Jeff’s Rig (Anaconda)

    An ethnic German from Turner’s World, Alioth, Siegried has had the Alliance’s anti-propaganda propaganda shoved down his throat all his life. Fed up with the inability to choose his life in a world of freedom he joined the Alioth Navy and defected to a pirate nest he’d learned from trooper buddies. He took a bunch of secrets with him, and sold them to make the money for a ship.
    Siegfried had no piloting talent and within a month of starting out he found himself adrift in an escape capsule. Trapped for weeks in a capsule slowly breaking down around him, Siegfried was forced to be creative in ways to keep the systems going.

    Eventually his capsule was picked up by the Jeff’s Rig. Knucklebones was impressed by the jury-rigging of the capsule and offered him a crew position. Siegfried now lives a live of true freedom (Except for Knucklebone’s commands) and is happy operating astrogation and maintenance on board the Jeff’s Rig.



    “You pronounced that wrong.”

    Age: 48
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 69kg
    Hair: Receding grey-black hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothes: Suit jacket and pants over pressure suit.
    Key Skills: Weaponry, Correctness
    Currently Flying: Jeff’s Rig (Anaconda)

    A ‘Grammar Policeman’ with a gun problem, Allan was the first of the crew to sign up for the Jeff’s Rig, primarily because he had just killed someone for saying ‘suposebly’ and had to leave the orbital station immediately. Short, a handlebar moustache and receding hair gives him a ‘school teacher’ look but he can shoot the water off a duck’s back at two hundred metres and is very protective of the English language.

    Allan has learned to control his grammar rage to a degree, but when they board freighters he just pretends everyone is yelling colloquial insults at him and he becomes one of the clan’s fiercest fighters.