Maximum Destruction

Maximum Destruction (Highly customised Vulture)



The Maximum Destruction is aptly named. The ship is slow for her size but so weighed down with armour and weapons that anyone that attacks it quickly regrets it. The Maximum Destruction has no cargo bay, only space for spare fuel, but she always operates alongside the Sherwood, providing cover and strength while the Sherwood carries the cargo.



    “You feelin’ lucky?”

    Age: 39
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Hair: Long Raven hair down to her waist
    Eyes: Pale grey
    Clothes: Yellow pressure suit
    Key Skills: Piloting, Mysteriousness
    Currently Flying: Maximum Destruction

    Not many of the men in the Garry Clan understand Marina. She is feminine, beautiful and timid in person, yet has a Deadly Elite combat ranking. She keeps her distance from most of the Clan, though she has a deep friendship with Michael Reynolds, captain of the Sherwood.