Platinum Alacrity

Platinum Alacrity (Highly customised Viper Mk III)

Clan Viper-small


The Alacrity is the quintessential pirate ship. Fast, tough, powerful, it has all the bells and whistles, almost every component in the ship upgraded to aftermarket (and some of it stolen military grade) quality. Her pilot, Shamus Sean, ‘appropriated’ the ship from her owner the day the Viper Mk III first came to the market.



    “I’ve had my arse handed to me more times than the other way around, but I’m alive and rich. Life huh?”

    Age: 24
    Height: 174cm
    Weight: 71kg
    Hair: Short white
    Eyes: Dark blue
    Clothes: Grey pressure suit
    Key Skills: Decision making, piloting
    Currently Flying: Platinum Alacrity (Viper Mk III)

    Shamus’s history is a typical read. An Eagle Fighter inherited from his grandfather lead Shamus to space, who optimistically thought of a bright and cherry future. His failure to turn a profit legitimately, lead him to piracy. He stuck to himself doing small jobs, building up his ship to a real ‘Iron Ass’. He had a knack for knowing when to fight or flee and maximised profit by keeping any ego out of his work life.
    When the Garry Clan sent an open appeal for assistance via The Underground Channel, Shamus applied, helped out on a convoy raid and decided to stick around. He enjoys the loose arrangement of the Clan and enjoys catching up with his adopted brothers and sisters.