Lakon Type 9
Sherwood (A strengthened Lakon Type 9 Heavy)


The Sherwood is designed to carry cargo, and she does it well, but that’s about all she can do. Almost useless in a fight, she depends on the Maximum Destruction and her pilot Marina Williams for defence. The two ships operate together, even sharing the same hyperspace tunnels.
The Sherwood is one of the Clan’s heaviest lifters and thus is used in all the Clan’s biggest jobs. Its cargo bay has been modified to allow the Maximum Destruction to dock inside.



    “If he’s rich enough to not need it, I’ll take it.”

    Age: 49
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Hair: Wispy blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothes: Brown pressure suit with cargo pants
    Key Skills: Delusions, Project Management
    Currently Flying: Sherwood (Lakon Type 9)

    Michael Reynolds sees himself as a 34th century Robin Hood. He is at his happiest when he is robbing the cargo convoys of the rich, faceless corporations and selling his booty to the poor Frontier worlds. Michael has a close friendship with Marina Williams of the Maximum Destruction and the two are often out drinking together. Michael is the captain and owner of the Sherwood.



    “How much?”

    Age: 35
    Height: 187cm
    Weight: 96kg
    Hair: Short and brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothes: Black pressure suit and pants held up with suspenders made from bandoliers
    Key Skills: Weapons, Effectiveness
    Currently Flying: Sherwood (Lakon Type 9)

    Ian is a mercenary, hired for his all-round effectiveness at deterring enemies. He holds no allegiance to the Clan or to Michael, or so he says. Robert checked up on him once and watched him reject a large sum of credits to sell the Clan out. Since then Robert has let him stay on board with the team, despite his boasts of independence and irreverence.
    Unlike the other crew of the Clan, Ian is paid per job – he doesn’t share in the plunder. Ian is the weapons specialist for the Sherwood.



    “Do you know what kind of radiation that things puts out??”

    Age: 45
    Height: 187cm
    Weight: 83kg
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Clothes: Brown pressure suit
    Key Skills: Electronics, loyalty
    Currently Flying: Sherwood (Lakon Type 9)

    Tom was best friends with Michael Reynolds’ younger brother, Sam. Tom’s family was killed in the same accident that claimed Sam Reynolds. The two shared a bond of grief and when Michael purchased his first ship, Tom joined him and the two have been working together since.
    Tom can handle a gun but is more comfortable working with electronics. He oversees communications and systems on board the Sherwood.



    “We never did THAT in the lab.”

    Age: 39
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 71kg
    Hair: Long Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Clothes: White lab coat over black pressure suit
    Key Skills: Piloting, Research
    Currently Flying: Sherwood (Lakon Type 9)

    You wouldn’t know it to look at Samuel, dressed like an Imperial serf, but he has a PhD and was a scientist for the Royal Academy of New Aberdeen. In what could have been an early mid-life crisis, Samuel woke up one day unable to bear the thought of going into work. Instead he drank at a seedy bar and woke up in a bunk on the Sherwood. Apparently he had started a conversation with Michael Reynolds boasting of his youth as a hover-car racer. Now he pilots the Sherwood and loves every moment of it.