The Despondence

The Despondence (A stock Cobra Mk III)

A standard Cobra Mk III brought from a shipyard in the Reorte system, the Despondence is just another Snake ship flying the spacelanes. With a standard weapons and shields package, there is absolutely nothing special about this ship.

Except her pilot. . .

    Snake the Lesser

    Snake Jnr, or Snake the Lesser as the Clan refers to him is on his way to becoming an Elite ranked pilot. Already approached by the Elite Federation of Pilots, he turned down any honours there to continue his nefarious ways. He followed in his father’s footsteps (Snake the Greater) in crime and has generally caused mischief across known space since he was old enough to walk. With a bald scalp tattoted with Taipan snakes and large black eyes, Snake the Lesser says little but always gets his message across. He uses the juxtaposition of his stock ship and his extraordinary skills to great effect and has lured many bounty hunters to their doom.

    Snake the Lesser spent some time freelancing as a pirate but when his father called him to help out the Garry Clan he ended up staying. He enjoyed the community feeling and desperately searched for Scottish heritage in his genes. Unfortunately for him his heritage is decidedly American but he has been made an honourary Scot anyway.