The Healer

The Healer (Stolen Federation Navy spec Asp Explorer)

Once a long range reconnaissance ship for the Federation Navy, The Healer was stolen in the most ridiculous fashion by a pair of brothers with a ridiculous sense of fashion. The Healer had stopped on a border colony for parts. Hayden and Tiwhe were working in the drydock at the time and were ferrying equipment to the Healer. The pilot waved them up the ramp into the cargo bay. Hayden, nosy at the best of times, wandered into the cockpit, noticed the ship was still primed, closed the ship’s boarding ramp and immediately took off, leaving a confused Federation pilot and an angry traffic control officer. They never looked back and after many mis-adventures ended up at a bar recruited by Robert Garry.



    Hayden is a lightweight at 130 pounds but it is hard to tell under the mess of hair and the patched layers of clothes he wears. He looks like he has rolled through a cotton factory and out into a wind tunnel then out the other side. He lost his right eye in a knife fight and it is sewn shut with thick black synthetic stitches.


    Tiwhe had the best looks of the two brothers, but that wasn’t saying much. Like Hayden he surrounded himself in so many layers of mis-matching clothes it was hard to know where fabric finished and Tiwhe started. His nose is swollen and red from his inability to stop drinking. Regardless of toxicity levels he can still pilot the Healer and aim a pistol with remarkable ease.