The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer (A modified Lanner Mk II Freighter)

A tired old Lanner Mk II freighter. Or at least that’s what she looks like from a distance. She is old, in her heyday in Robert’s father’s day, but the Wayfarer is anything but tired. A solid workhorse she has had many upgrades over the years. The original engine system (extremely underpowered) was swapped for a Sirius military grade power plant and improved sensors, weapons and armour have made the Wayfarer a nuggety survivor. She is currently programmed to run with a crew of six but can be flown by one and can accommodate up to ten people. The Wayfarer proudly displays the Garry Standard and is adorned with shark teeth.


    Robert Garry
    37 years old, curly black hair and blue eyes, Robert is the leader of the Garry Clan. His father Jordan Garry raised him on New Aberdeen, a planet colonised by ethnic Picts. Robert grew up a pirate, lifting ID chips and ground cars as a youth and helping run blockades as a teenager but left his pirate roots behind only to return years later, broken, confused and angry. . .


    Matt Lancaster
    A short blonde haired kid with a dimple and a big smile, Matt is not Scottish, born in the Arcturus system. A disillusioned washout from the Federation pilot academy, he found himself attracted to the ideals of New Aberdeen and ended up in a bar talking to Robert Garry about freedom of choice. The next day he was piloting the Wayfarer.


    Ralph McNeal
    There isn’t much that Ralph hasn’t done. He’s flown military ships for the Empire, he’s been an assassin for independent governments. And he has run a legitimate and unprofitable trading company. Now he is Robert’s right hand man. He knows the Wayfarer’s systems inside out and is the man Robert turns to when the ship misbehaves. McNeal isn’t his real last name and he’d never heard of the Scots before meeting Robert in a bar brawl, but he is a dedicated Garry Clan member, defending it against any and all enemies. He currently man’s the science and systems station on the Wayfarer’s bridge.

    Oh and he likes knives. Alot.


    Griff Wallace
    A clean shaven, seventeen year old Scot who’d been set for some fancy college on Beta Hydri, Griff instead traded the scholarship in for a one way ticket to Achenar. His transport was attacked by the Garry Clan and he was immediately drawn to men fighting in white and blue, guns coloured in St Andrews Cross, and joined the pirate forces. He is now in charge of hyperspace and astrogation on the Wayfarer.

    Griff is the youngest member of the Wayfarer crew and lives up to it acting as a bit of a smart alec. The older of the crew love him like a son.


    Gerald Ferguson
    Gerald is an old grizzled spacer. The problem is, he has always seemed to be an old grizzled spacer. His bones have thinned and his hair is white. His movements are slow and his mind is slowing but he’s never happier than when sailing the darkest sea and is aggressively protective of the younger lads in the crew. Gerald is the Wayfarer’s quartermaster, maintaining supplies and running the cargo bay.


    No one knows how old Jimmy is, though he looks like he is in his late twenties. Know one really knows anything else about him either. Although he loves to talk and tell stories, he never tells stories about himself. Robert is convinced he used to be a bard or an actor, but when pushed about his past he goes blank.

    Dinner on the Wayfarer is never complete without a fable from Jimmy. He is the Wayfarer’s gunner and weapons specialist.