Vintage Flyer

The Vintage Flyer (A modified Lakon Type IV freighter)

The Vintage Flyer and her crew have been together for many years. They started as a joint venture between the crew – all equal partners – doing honest trading. When Robert Garry put out the call for extra muscle on a big job the crew of the Vintage Flyer got wind of it. It was perfect timing for them, having lost big on a trading run due to a civil war. They needed replacement funds to appease the bank and the target was a subsidiary of that same bank. The Vintage Flyer signed up and hasn’t left the clan yet. The crew of four are honorary Scots.

The ship itself is basically a stock Type IV freighter with slight improvements in weapons and shields, hand-me-downs from the rest of the clan.

    Jessin McNaught
    Captain of the Vintage Flyer, Jessin is six foot four with big bushy eyebrows, a block goatee beard and shaved scalp. Straight out the Prussian ‘hard bugger’ school, Jessin doesn’t take any shit and accepts no excuses, even from himself. Although the crew are equal share holders, Jessin makes the calls in battle when they have to work as a team. And he does a good job at it.


    Steve the Slitter
    One look at the scars on Steve’s face and the knives in his belt tells you everything you need to know about why Steve is called ‘the slitter’. Bordering on psychotic, Steve is the guy that brings a knife to a gun fight. He is still alive however, so the strategy seems to be working. His arms are covered in short narrow scars that run up his arms in parallel. He uses his own knifes to make the scars and no one yet has figured out why he does it.

    When not taking part in self mutilation Steve is the pilot for the Vintage Flyer.


    Hamish McKensie
    Short, slim and quiet, Hamish gets referred to as the ‘two holster guy’. Like Robert, Hamish favours the Colt Diplomat, a faithful reproduction of an ancient hand gun. His holsters are reversed and sit on the front of his thighs so he ‘cross draws’. He sees himself as a cowboy of the galactic wild west, is a good shot and normally the first into combat. He is also handy with turret lasers. He runs tactical on the Vintage Flyer.


    Vaughn Kirkpatrick
    Jessin found Vaughn in a ship chop shop in the Altair system. He is a gifted mechanic who would much rather wield a pry bar than a pistol. After the crew complete ‘boarding operations’ Vaughn can often be found looking for useful electrical and mechanical components he can either fit to the Vintage Flyer or sell on the black market.