Vista Occulta

Vista Occulta (A modified Fer-De-Lance)

A graceful Fer-De-Lance of the luxury variety, the Vista Occulta has been revamped and re-engineered to scare off any would be attackers. Able to give ships twice its size a run for their money, it still flies the colours of Jordan’s own pirate clan, though lately Jordan has been working closely with Robert’s Garry Clan. It flies with a crew of five.

Jordan had never confirmed how he acquired the ship – most suspect he stole in – but there are no official records of the ship ever existing so no claims can be made either way.

    Jordan Garry

    Robert Garry’s father and a proud Scotsman. In his youth he held the lofty position of 1st Guard of the New Aberdeen Royal Guards but fell from grace and turned to piracy. He found a niche market for low margin necessities such as foodstuffs and rallied a team of pirates around him. He kept his work low-key and local until his son Robert returned from a tour of duty with the Federation Navy and built up Jordan’s forces into the notorious Garry Clan.

    Jordan is the captain of the Vista Occulta but often flies with Robert on board the Wayfarer and leaves the ship under the command of Kensen.


    Kensen Jutton

    Kensen is your typical hard-as-welded-duralium pirate: One eye, head shaven bald, a limp from a long range shotgun blast to the leg, Kensen has seen it all and constantly tells everyone. He won’t give an inch but if you are of the clan then you are one of his and he will fight to the death to keep you alive.

    Kensen is a capable ship captain but spent most of his life planet-side and never came to grips with three-dimensional combat. In man-to-man combat however there is no one more dangerous.


    Carlos Watson

    A zero-gee cricketer of some repute, Carlos or ‘Carl’ always seems to have a smile on his face. He says little of his pre-pirate life but in his cabin he has a small golden statue of a man holding aloft a cricket bat. He can turn every situation into a joke but has a bad habit of taking it too far. Unlike Kensen Carl’s body is attuned to zero-gee and he has a distinct lack of coordination planet-side.

    Carlos mans the tactical post on the Vista Occulta’s bridge.


    Iain the Innocent

    So named because whenever anything goes wrong he cries out ‘I’m Innocent!’ When pushed he admits he was wrongfully imprisoned as a teenager, but no one can find evidence one way or the other.
    Iain has orange hair down to his wide shoulders and pale blue eyes. He spends as much time as planet side working weights in the gym. He has no special talents with piloting or with weapons but he does provide a strong physical presence, seems to enjoy the thrill of pirating and has proven his loyalty to clan Garry.

    Iain runs astrogation for the Vista Occulta


    Stevenson Turner

    Heir to an infamous pirate name, Stevenson has failed to live up to his potential. Squeamish with a gun and terrified of hurting others, Stevenson’s value comes primarily through his deft piloting skills. He is regarded as the greatest pilot in the clan, but refuses to leave the ship for ‘boarding operations’. There have been suggestions of cutting his loose but Robert Garry refuses to turn anyone who wants to be part of the clan. Why Stevenson doesn’t find another career no one knows, but he seems happy and does his job well.

    Stevenson is the pilot of the Vista Occulta