The Garry Clan has its origins on an Independent world in the Eastern Sectors, a planet named ‘New Aberdeen’ colonised by true Scottish picts, not the soft tourist focused Scots of Beta Hydri.

It all started with one man, Jordan Garry. . .


Jordan Garry was once a highly respected citizen of New Aberdeen. However after he lost his position as 1st Royal Guard he turned to piracy. He had a single ship, the Wayfarer which he flew with his wife committing small acts of piracy against corporate trade ships – bulk freighters carrying grains and other essential but low value goods.

Jordan Garry believed in the basics and he believed in right and wrong, twisted though it may appear from a non-pirates standpoint. He had a son, Robert, who grew into a little terror, stealing ID chits, and lifting ground cars to sell to chop shops.

Continually questioning his role in the universe, Robert fled from his father at aged 16 and enlisted in the Federation Navy. After twelve years in the military he returned as the prodigal son to a welcoming father.

Robert, lost and even more confused than when he had left his father all those years ago, agreed to help out on a job that Jordan had organized, a raid on a gas refinery platform. From there Robert got more involved in the growing pirate group and eventually split to form his own team. Jordan gave Robert his blessing, even gifting the Wayfarer as a starting point.

Robert’s relaxed attitude, clearly defined morals and interest in his team’s welfare earned him many friends within the pirate ranks. Many ships, other pirates or failing honest traders, signed up to help Robert on an as-needed basis. As Robert’s exploits and infamy grew this became a more permanent arrangement and the Garry Clan was born, an association of tightly knitted ships that worked together for Robert’s common goal, with booty distributed on a ‘you loot it, you keep it’ philosophy.

The Garry Clan quickly gained a reputation as a formidable, yet honourable force. Robert was well aware of the power of brands and staying true to their meaning. On every mission he would broadcast the Garry Standard (a clenched knife superimposed on St Andrew’s Cross) and many targets would surrender immediately, knowing that although they would lose their cargo, they won’t lose their lives. Those that fought back however learnt the true viciousness of Robert Garry.

Currently the Garry Clan consists of a dozen ships of various sizes with a total crew in excess of 100. They have a few hidden bases in the Eastern sectors and are also known to frequent several pirate nests, such as Smuggler’s Junction and Gibraltar’s Run.