Shallow Space


Command elements of the Terran Confederate Navy’s Gamma fleet as you progress a diverse set of random encounters and scripted missions played out on a grand campaign map.

An epic story awaits you as you prove your worth against the enemies of the Terran Empire. Design your fleet, building smaller ships to supplement your capital class vessels. Level your officers, strategically position your forces throughout the stellar system to combat insurgency.

You will command factories and control the future of your fleet, but you are not building an economy. You are going to war.

Welcome to the universe of Shallow Space. Over four hundred years in the future, the remains of humanity have found a new home in a ‘gravimetrically shallow’ region of space and flourished. Unlike their old home of Earth resources are plentiful, but so too are opportunities for corporations, pirates and men with big dreams. The Terran Condeferation Navy keep the Emperor’s peace but it is fragile, held together by the good will of the three major corporations. Vast armies of pirate clans and freelance mercenaries work the fringe and the core respectively, evading the navy and eroding the foundation of peace.

You will command a battlegroup in the Terran Condeferation Navy with straight forward instructions to keep the peace. And it all goes downhill from there. Orders become grey, you will lose sight of who the bad guys are and you’ll end up fighting battles with no winners. Can you save the very fabric of the Imperium before it is destroyed by unknown assailants?


I hope so. This is the world of Shallow Space, a universe that I am building from the bottom up. With a few key restraints (this is a computer game after all) The worlds, the backstory and the script of the game are all being developed by me.

This game will be superficially familiar to many gamers, but that’s where the similarity will end. I’m writing a story and you as the player will be acting it out. It’s going to be deep. It’s going to be awesome and I am loving every second of working on it.

The game is under development and we will be running a kickstarter in early 2015 before leading to (Pre approved) Steam Early Access in mid 2015. Alongside designing the game I am writing several vignettes for the development blog and a host of short stories (The first of which, ‘The Gift’, is available here) and eventually a novel. The plan is for Shallow Space to have its own suite of tie-in fiction to take the player deeper into the incredibly detailed worlds of Shallow Space that the game can’t necessarily take you. If you have ready my debut novel Elite:And Here The Wheel then you’ll know what I like to write: High Octane, ‘Die-hard in space’ adventure with flawed characters. Shallow Space is the perfect place to see more of that.

I’ll be updating both the development blog and my own blog with progress reports as I work my way through this fantastic project, so make sure you bookmark the links below and signup for the Shallow Spare Newsletter


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Author John Harper discussing And Here The Wheel and ShallowSpace with Josh Schmidt