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How an Ice Planet became a Trash Planet 1

(Note: this post has story spoilers, read at your peril) It’s not a joke, but it might illuminate my writing process a little. Once I had officially received my official license to write fiction for Frontier Development’s latest game Elite:Dangerous, I spent a month planning, then knocked out a draft […]

Originally Robert Garry visits an Ice planet.

Tranquille Base after the 'Battle of Villist'

Background – Villist

(More background on And Here The Wheel – this time the planet Villist, a place where Robert Garry’s life was turned upside down in the novel ‘And Here The Wheel‘. There is some story spoilers below. You have been warned…) Located in the Brohman system, the planet of Villist was […]

At night, the Red Wash becomes something special

Background – Skardree IV

(Another background post this week – this time the desert world Skardree IV which Robert Garry visits in the novel ‘And Here The Wheel‘. No story spoilers!) A world dominated by desert, Skardree IV is too close for comfort to its sun, Skardree. Most towns are built half submerged or […]

Kylo Ren

Star Wars Review – is SW in the Firefly ‘verse Now? 2

When I first heard that the new star wars movie was effectively uncanonising the forty odd ‘Star Wars Extended Universe’ books I’d spent a decade or so reading, I was pretty pissed. I’m a fan of J.J Abrams, but this was crossing the line. Then I saw the trailer, and […]

Shallow Space Alpha Imminent, Free Fiction for Background Flavour 2

STEAM EARLY ACCESS Note the date in your diary: 21 October 2015. This is the day we will activate ‘Early Access’ on Steam for Shallow Space. This is the culmination of 18 months of work, though is only the first of many steps to a full released game. You can […]

In Game

Elite:And Here The Wheel – now out in Audiobook 2

Drum Roll. . . . Ahh, screw it. Let’s just get on with it. Elite:And Here The Wheel in Audiobook form is now here, available for purchase from Fantastic Books Publishing. This is the final step in a journey which started in December 2012 when, with six minutes to go, […]