The Plan

Below is the plan to carry ‘And Here The Wheel’ forward from the completion of the draft to launch in March 2014 alongside Elite:Dangerous the game. This plan is not set in concrete and may change as needed. For now, it’s a solid guide of how I see the rest of the year unfolding.

Dates Description Weekly Goal Completed?
April: Finish Draft 7,000 words YES!
May 1 – May 15 Analyse story for weak areas. Write new beat sheet. 110 Pages YES!
May 16 – July 31 Expand weak areas. Add new scenes. NOT a line edit. 50 pages
July 31 Send out story to Alpha Readers
August 1 – August 31 Print out manuscript and perform line edit. 50 pages
September 1 – October 31 Update electronic manuscript with line edits. 28 pages
October 31 Story to Beta readers
November 1 – November 30 ‘Torchlight’ Edit
December 1 – January 31 Complete final edit, pass manuscript to Frontier Developments for final approval 50 pages
January 31 Manuscript Complete!
February 1 – February 28 Complete outsourcing and ancilliary work (i.e Cover, quotes, copyediting, etc)
March 2014 Launch!