The Seed

Everything is dead...

Everything is dead…

The Seed is a Post Apocalyptic ‘Choose your own Adventure’ computer game that is being produced by MDT, the award winning team that brought you the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Misery Mod.

In the year 2026, as one of the few survivors left on Earth, you must explore this decaying world, make the choices which dictate which story plays out and try to work out what has happened to the Earth.

It’s a graphically absorbing masterpiece with a storyline to match. The game is like a graphic novel, the story like your character’s diary, and every decision you make branches the story, takes you down one road, and stops you going down the other. Its an interactive world where the choices you make have consequences to how the game plays out and how much you learn about what ‘The Event’ really was.


Seed_wallpaper_032_1024x768pxThe Seed launched a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of this year and were successfully funded in April with enough extra cash to hit some stretch goals. As soon as I saw the kickstarter and saw the milieu, the intensely immersive screen shots, I knew this was a story I wanted to write. As I had done for Elite:Dangerous I emailed through and put my hand up to help with story works if it would be useful. I received a ‘Thanks but we are ok at the moment’ type email and I thought nothing more of it. Then a few weeks ago they put the call out for authors. As part of my application I sent in a section of a 1st person present tense post apocalyptic story I had written called ‘The Lucifer Effect’ (the title referring to a book which describes how the most honourable people can end up creating the world’s biggest evils).

Needless to say the team running The Seed liked what they saw. They brought me into the team to look at the background story information and I’ll be starting my first in-game chapter before the year is out.

This is another exciting project that I’m really excited to be involved with. If you like strong story, post apocalyptic adventures and the choose your own adventure format, then the Seed is for you. If you are interested, please check out the links below:


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