Author John Harper discussing And Here The Wheel and ShallowSpace with Josh Schmidt

Author John Harper discussing his (nearly) 30 years of history with Elite

The ‘Soontill’ Teaser Trailer

The Garry Clan Trailer

50 Shades of Character
A video analysing characters in the novel after alpha reader feedback.

August Progress Report

Completion of the Draft
This is a short clip which watches me type in those two infamous words at the end of the draft: ‘The End’

Video Diary # 1
This is the first video diary where I discuss the planning phase of the novel.

Teaser Trailer
The first teaser trailer for Elite:And Here The Wheel. Not much in it but one big clue and a bit of verisimilutude.

And Here The Wheel Video # 1

The first video produced for the Indiegogo campaign where I introduce myself, my love of Elite and what I hoped to accomplish with the campaign.

And Here The Wheel Video # 2

This is the second video I produced for my Indiegogo campaign where I discuss the political situation of the Elite galaxy at 3255 and how this may impact on my novel.


    • Backer Views #001 with John Stabler

    • Interview with Allen Stroud on Lave Radio:

    • Indiegogo Crowd funding campaign:

  • Interview with Michael Brookes, Author of the Sequel to ‘The Dark Wheel’

    • Article at Kami McArthur’s Blog: “Writing Non-Verbal Communication”

Official Elite: Dangerous fiction

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